4 - 5 november 2021 | Lisbon |C.C. Lisboa

Call for Papers


We are looking for empirical and policy-oriented papers focused on financial markets and instruments that might help policy makers navigate the challenges arising from sustainable finance, digitalization and the functioning of capital markets. We will do it with the help of distinguished think-tanks that will lead the three “call for papers” that are specifically being promoted for the conference.

Bruegel, headed by Guntram Wolf, and with Alexander Lehmann at the head of the call, will be looking at sustainable finance trends and challenges.

CIRSF, headed by Luís Morais, and with José Gonzaga Rosa leading the call, will dive into the digitalization of the international financial system.

CEPS-ECMI, headed by Karel Lannoo, and with Apostolos Thomadakis heading the call, will explore the functioning of capital markets in Europe and around the world.

Papers should be original and not previously published in an academic journal or other official review. The best will get presented and discussed at the conference, and will subsequently be published as working papers by the organizing thinks tanks and at CMVM’s working paper series.

For more information on each of the calls, please check:

- Sustainability in rulemaking and in practice (Call by Bruegel)
- Digitalizing investment finance (Call by CIRSF)
- Which direction for capital markets in the EU and around the world ? (Call by CEPS-ECMI)

For more information on the conference, you are welcome to contact the organizing committee directly via email to cristinapacheco@cmvm.pt
Heads of the call for papers

Alexander Lehmann
Non-resident fellow Bruegel
Alexander Lehmann, joined Bruegel in 2016 and is now a non-resident fellow. His work at Bruegel focuses on EU banking sectors and how private debt and non-performing loans can be addressed in the aftermath of recessions. Work on EU capital market development now also comprises the EU sustainable finance agenda. Currently he is also a lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance, and an adviser to a number of central banks and governments in eastern Europe

Until 2016 Alex was the Lead Economist with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) where he headed the strategy and economics unit for central Europe and Baltic countries. From the Bank’s regional office in Warsaw he coordinated policy dialogue with governments and central banks in the region.

Previously, he was an official at the International Monetary Fund, a consultant for the World Trade Organisation and the central Bank of Mexico, and worked in research and teaching positions at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) and the London School of Economics. He has published on trade and competition policies, and on financial regulation and banking policies in the Euro area and emerging markets.

He holds an MSc in economics from the London School of Economics and a PhD from Oxford University.
Apostolos Thomadakis
Researcher at ECMI
Dr. Apostolos Thomadakis (Senior Expert – project coordinator) is a Researcher in the Financial Markets and Institutions Unit at CEPS and the European Capital Markets Institute (ECMI). His research focuses on issues related to capital markets and financial markets, and has completed many research projects on derivatives, access to capital, SMEs financing, CMU, financial instruments, financial services and regulation for EU institutions and associations.

Prior to joining ECMI he was a Visiting Scholar at the Bank of Lithuania and the Austrian National Bank, and he worked for the European Central Bank and the European Investment Fund. Apostolos has also held academic positions at the University of Warwick, the London School of Economics, the University of Bath and the University of Surrey, where he taught Derivatives, Econometrics and Finance courses.

He holds a PhD in Economics and an MSc in Business Economics and Finance from the University of Surrey, and obtained a BSc in Physics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
José Gonzaga Rosa
Researcher of CIRSF
Researcher of CIRSF (Research Centre of financial Regulation and Supervision – www.cirsf.eu ) and finance practitioner in debt capital markets.

Strong interest in finance and the interplay between regulation, innovative access to finance and capital markets. Multidisciplinary background in law (MSc in Law, Faculty of Law of Lisbon), and economics (Bachelor´s Degree in Economics, Nova Business School).

Currently preparing PhD dissertation. Passionate about critical thinking and problem solving across multidisciplinary analytical tools and research.