4 - 5 november 2021 | Lisbon |C.C. Lisboa

Covid-19 Safety Plan Rules

At the venue chosen to host our event (Lisbon Congress Center) safety measures for all speakers and participants are in place, including:


  • • Specific measures for cleaning and sanitizing spaces were defined and the frequency of routines was reinforced;
  • • The HVAC system programming was altered to ensure complete renovation of indoor air;
  • • Specific safety measures have been put in place to be able to deal with participants who may present Covid-19 symptoms;
  • • We adapted the venue and the catering service in order to follow the strictest safety rules specified by the DGS (General Health Directorate)


Following the guidelines of the General Health Directorate (DGS) and the requirements imposed by the legislation in force at the date of this document, we are able to guarantee that the safety conditions for hosting corporate events are met at the Lisbon Congress Center, according to the following rules and recommendations:


  1. a) Wearing a protective mask inside the building is mandatory;
  2. b) Abide by the respiratory protocol recommended by DGS, including hand sanitization at the entrance and exit of the building. Lisbon Congress Center offers hand sanitiser at several key points of the building;
  3. c) Follow and respect the signposting and recommended routes. There will be an entrance and exit door to the Lisbon Congress Center, in order to avoid people crossing paths;
  4. d) Prefer stairs to access floors;
  5. e) Abide by the rules and the limitation on the number of people allowed in different spaces, including elevators;
  6. f) Maintain a minimum safety distance of 1,5 meters, whenever possible and avoiding forming groups;
  7. g) Avoid touching surfaces;
  8. h) Comply with all and any instructions given by Lisbon Congress Center personnel (security guards, receptionists or the person in charge of the event).


To consult information travelling to and from Portugal please access https://www.ana.pt/en/passenger-guide/what-you-need-to-know/covid-19